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June 2018

Cal State University San Bernardino

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There are many things that can be said for San Bernardino but one undisputed accomplishment that we can boast about is the University of Cal State. In the northern part of our city, nestled in and surrounded by the San Bernardino Mountains, CSUSB is one of Inland Southern California’s preeminent centers of intellectual and cultural activity. CSUSB opened its doors and began giving educational opportunities in 1965. It is viewed as a beacon of hope for people in the community who dream of achieving educational success without having to go far from their community. The campus has the most diverse student population of any other university in the region.  CSUSB accepts about 20,000 students each year and graduates about 4,000 students annually. It is noted that about 70% of the students who graduate are minorities and are often the first generation of students to graduate with a college education. The CSUSB education ranking is in the top 4% in the nation and is an establishment that focuses on meeting the needs of its students. This is important because these students are examples for other minorities that thought accomplishing a degree was out of their reach. Not only that, but many CSUSB graduates have goals to stay in their community to help make it a better place. It can truly be said that these students may very well have the future of San Bernardino in their hands.

Mary’s Mercy Center

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Honoring San Bernardino’s Community Service Agency: 

One of the greatest things that you could ever do for your community is to make an impact. There are different types of community service programs in San Bernardino. Today we honor the efforts of an organizations whose mission and main core value is to restore dignity to the poor and to the marginalized, Mary’s Mercy Center. This organization is all about serving their community. They genuinely care about making an impact in the lives of those who are suffering. Mary’s Mercy Center programs serve the young, the old, the mentally ill and the physically challenged. This is an organization that does not discriminate and whose main goal is to show respect equally for all. Most of the people who use this service suffer from homelessness, lack of food and other resources so Mary’s Mercy Center’s programs focus primarily on these people groups which come from all around the city. The organization has a program called Mary’s Table that faithfully serves balanced hot meals to those in need six days a week. Not only do they serve the meals they also distribute 1,000s of bags of groceries every month to ensure that those in the community do not go hungry. However, giving out food is not the only resource that they have available. They provide free showers, free dental services, and even has a clothes closet. It is evident that through their community service that they are committed to assisting the San Bernardino community because they care!

There is a way that anyone and everyone regardless of social or economic standing can make an impact on their city.  You don’t have to be rich to give – You can VOLUNTEER! Most non-profit organizations like us, the KC-CDC and Mary’s Mercy Center need people to help.  Our organization has the Food & Love Program each week which provides food to families and individuals that are in need. We could use people to load and unload the truck, to stock, to pack grocery bags, to distribute the food and clean up afterwards. For more information click here. If you have some time and you would like to help San Bernardino become a better place GIVE!