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Mayor Davis acknowledges the struggles San Bernardino has had with homelessness, and his statement “Our city’s recent accomplishments of exiting bankruptcy, adopting a new charter and securing strong leadership has launched our recovery and renaissance as a city. Solving San Bernardino’s high rates of homelessness is critical as we move forward shows his determination to make positive change. According to San Bernardino County’s 2018 Point-In-Time Count (PITC), there are women, children, men, and even the elderly. Other data collection shows that there are 2,118 homeless people in the San Bernardino County also included in that number are Veterans.

The Mayor has an aggressive plan to reduce chronic homelessness by partnering with Step Up, an organization that works with the city’s homeless individuals to create a plan out of poverty. They are currently working together to ensure a plan for the city that will help house almost 500 people who are currently without a home. They will focus on providing permanent housing units to those in need, so that the plan of action can be a long-term solution for the families. It is evident that the ending of homelessness is a priority for the city, however, it will take time, commitment and effort to ensure that the San Bernardino homeless population gets the help they need.  But San Bernardino is moving in the right direction, forward.

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