Our Approach

When you think of San Bernardino what's the 1st thing that comes to mind? Bankruptcy, Poverty, the Orange Show or San Manuel Casino? We love San Bernardino and our vision for her is to Rebuild and Revitalize her residents by providing them with the tools they need to live self-sustained, healthy and secure lives.  Our approach to community development is not to focus on San Bernardino's challenges but to pool together the talents, abilities and strengths of the citizens to create solutions from within instead of looking for outside help to come to the rescue. Together we can form a momentum that Revives the heart of the city to grow healthy families, new businesses and thriving neighborhoods, grounded and safe communities that makes San Bernardino a place for others to visit and enjoy.

Our Story

The KC Community Development Corp (KC-CDC) is the out flow of Sherman Dumas's first church in San Bernardino "Kingdom Culture Worship Center" whose strongest core values are "OUTREACH" and Bringing the Love of Jesus to the culture around them. We find the strongest motivation for change is found in the Gospel. Therefore, we set out to make change by connecting with the people we serve.  The strongest most prevalent issues are the Social/Economic conditions.  We hope to eradicate poverty by teaching financial literacy, creating jobs, providing Affordable Housing, and overcoming the feeling of Hopelessness by spreading joy through partnerships that work and through compassionate service.

Meet the Team

The KC Community Development Corporation is a 501(c) 3 Non-profit Organization located in San Bernardino, California.  Once a vibrant place, voted the "All-American City," and a hub for a thriving middle-class military culture - is now a shadow of her former self.  Although the news has her pegged as a "troubled & depressed city" ...  WE SEE HER as a sleeping giant ready to arise and remake a name for herself.

Sherman Dumas

CEO & President

Sherman is the Founder, Creative Visionary, Author & Speaker.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business and a Master of Biblical Studies.  He and his wife are the visionaries, founders and executive managers of the multi-site movement of All Nations Worship Assembly (San Bernardino, Temecula, Compton and now also Las Vegas). Sherman has authored 3 books and is a dynamic speaker.  His love for the city of San Bernardino continues to inspire the staff and earn the respect of other San Bernardino stakeholders.

Angela Cross


Angela has over 10 years of Non-Profit Organizational Administration.  She has worked within the Educational field for over 15 years partnering with schools, and other community partners, to advocate for and at-risk students and their families. Angela is a former member of WABSE (Washington Alliance of Black School Educators), The Black Policy Foundation of Washington, the Pierce County Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention Committee and a graduate of the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative. Angela is a published author, speaker, master trainer and Certified Life Coach.

Isaiah Thomas

Real Estate Agent at Large

Former Branch Manager of Prestige Realty, Isaiah served as a professional liaison between all parties in the real estate industry. He brings 5 years of Business to Business sales, extensive and exceptional customer service and the optimization of marketing strategies to attract, build and strengthen partnerships within the banking industry.  In addition to his experience as both buying and selling agent, he also processes loans.  He is an amazing and valued team member.

Join the Vision

If you want to see San Bernardino Revived, Revitalized and Renewed become part of the KC-Community Development Corp's vision of making our community viable and strong again. Become a volunteer or giving partner. Click here to Contact Us.